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Hi! I’m Alan


Alan Tai received his PhD in physics, specializing in quantum well research,  from Boston College, and a graduate certificate of completion in biblical foundations from Grand Canyon University.

Alan has worked at various medical ultrasound technology companies, including Philips as an engineer and GE Healthcare as a scientist. He has managed new medical ultrasound transducer products from development conception to successful commercial release. During his career in the engineering field, Alan has eleven issued patents and two pending patents.

He is passionate in sharing how science and nature are in harmony with the creation processes revealed in the Bible. Being a community scholar in RTB (Reasons to believe, www.reasons.org), Alan joins the scholars to present the good news from the Scripture with sound reason and scientific research, which provides evidence in the truth of the Bible and faith.


A Video By Me

Use the 4 Spiritual Wheels of Roadmaps to share the Gospel effectively.
Print it to share with your friends and relatives with your explanation (see video in this site/blog) or mail it with your own writing. Add that with your personal care/support is the best outreach! Pray for wisdom.


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