What happened in the beginning?

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.[1]

What an amazing statement from God revealing His work as the owner and Creator of the heavens and Earth! There are not many details explaining how He created the universe, other than His creation followed His exact Word.

The three sentences reveal to humans several important revelations about God and the universe:

  • There was a beginning in time in the universe.
  • God existed as He was before the beginning of time.
  • God has the power to create materials things.
  • Before the beginning of time, there were no material things (nothing) apart from God.
  • The Earth existed at first in chaos.
  • The Spirit of God was preparing[2] to bring order.
  • When God said there should be light in a certain time and space, light shone.

Genesis was written more than three thousand years ago with a unique revelation that introduced the beginning of the universe. God is Spirit[3] and is not bounded by time and space. God is beyond the material, so all things can be created out of nothing[4].

The first two chapters also tell us the only God, who created humans in the image of God, wanted humans to rule the Earth[5]. This idea contrasts with the Middle Eastern religions[6] during the time Genesis was written.

The religions in the regions are polytheistic and have different types and ranking of gods. They believe gods created humans to be their slaves. Their gods also possess many similarities with humans that can be traced back to origins in the material realm. However, as discussed below, material things would not be manifested yet at the beginning of time.

The scientific evidence of the universe’s beginning started with the experimental data provided by Edwin Hubble in 1929.[7] Using the Doppler effect, he confirmed the universe was expanding. This well-known physics law is related to the frequency shift of light, sound, or other waves and the relative velocity of a moving object—like the changing sound of a firetruck siren as it drives past.

In this case, the moving objects were the galaxies emitting their light. His analysis showed the farther away the galaxies were from the Earth, the faster they moved away from it. When the physical and theoretical model of the universe was generated based on the scientific data, the backtracking led to a belief that the universe had a beginning.

Francis Collins wrote in The Language of God about the Big Bang theory: “Based on these and other observations, physicists are in agreement that the universe began as an infinitely dense, dimensionless point of pure energy. The law of physics breaks down in this circumstance, referred to as a ‘singularity.’

At least so far, scientists have been unable to interpret the very earliest events in the explosion, occupying the first 10-43 sec. After that, it is possible to make predictions about the event that would need to have occurred to result in today’s observable universe…”[8]

Before the Big Bang theory was verified, scientists disagreed on how the universe started and a lot of them, including Albert Einstein and others, favored a steady universe model. The Christians, including those scientists trusting the Bible as the Word of God, already believed the universe had a beginning.

The introduction of the Bible in Geneses 1:1 clearly stated that centuries ago. Only the Creator, who is beyond time and space, can communicate to humans with such accuracy and authority.

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What happened in the beginning?

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