Where Did Mankind Come From?

If you wonder where you and your ancestors came from, there are generally two basic explanations.

First, a supernatural being created the universe and human beings. Alternatively, the entire universe, including human beings, somehow evolved from natural selection or survival of the fittest.

Following this latter argument, the universe came from a steady state, a self-existing universe without a beginning. This hypothesis contradicts natural laws such as thermodynamics.

Also, people argue from this viewpoint that the universe had a beginning and then randomly developed together with natural selection, which resulted in this universe and human beings.

This explanation would be unlikely from the physics point of view. The law of entropy states that physical processes result in more disorder and increase randomness unless external organization comes in to improve the process.

Therefore, it is logical to explain the origin of the universe and life on Earth as caused by a supernatural being, or a Creator.

People can find evidence everywhere if they really pay attention to the visible and invisible qualities in heaven and Earth.  Physical objects in our visible world are first used to illustrate that random processes cannot produce orderly products.

If you put some sticks, wood, knives, screws and nuts inside an enclosed container, they will not join together to form a meaningful object or product, even after you randomly shake and move the container a trillion times.

Another example relates to a watch picked up by a person in a desert.

He or she will no doubt know right away that someone designed the watch based on its mechanism and appearance.

No one would assume it came from evolution because of the windy and sandy environment, or that it was assembled out of random processes.

Human beings are much more complicated than a watch, so the analogy of a Designer who designed us also make sense. 

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Where Did Mankind Came From?

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